Former Starbucks CEO Sounds Alarm About High Crime And Homelessness

  • Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) asked the veteran executive in a hearing for the Senate Health Committee about whether he still believes that “the lawlessness in this country is out of control” and whether the Biden administration should restore “law and order.”
  • “We do, in fact, have a significant issue of safety in urban cities around America, and Starbucks has closed many, many stores that were profitable as a result of the fact that our own people do not feel safe working in the stores,” Schultz responded.
  • “And we have a situation of homelessness, drugs, mental illness, and as a result of that, many of the societal issues that we’re facing today are difficult for Starbucks to address because we don’t have the power or the responsibility to address these things, as you’ve described.”