Gingrich: Where’s Woodward And Bernstein For Benghazi, Russiagate, Hunter Biden

Newt Gingrich writes:

  • The conspiracy between a corrupt set of bureaucracies (including the Justice Department, the IRS, and the intelligence community) and an equally corrupt and enabling elite media is astonishing. The Durham Report is just one more confirmation of the devastating level of dishonesty and manipulation which have characterized the last few years.
  • There are no Bob Woodwards or Carl Bernsteins courageously working to uncover the truth and get it published. (Indeed, Woodward has reinvented himself into a chief Trump smear-monger.)
  • There are no courageous editors like Ben Bradley backing up the reporters.
  • There are no fearless publishers like Katharine Graham willing to risk lawsuits and withstand the anger of the government.
  • Today, there is only a corrupt media protecting a corrupt establishment. The challenge to the American people to get at the truth is far more difficult than it was when Richard Nixon was under attack.
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