GOP Congressman Denies He Vowed To Resign If McCarthy Becomes Speaker

North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, one of the 20 Republicans opposed to Rep. Kevin McCarthy's bid for House speaker, said he would step down from Congress if the California congressman gets elected to the post.

  • The flap between North Carolina GOP Ben Bishop when Fox News posted a story about his plans as the House votes to decide on a new speaker, with fellow Republican Congressman with a big lead, but not enough votes to win.
  • The story was based on an earlier story in Roll Call in which the 58-year-old said: “We’re going to either see improvement up here … or I’m out.”
  • Bishop said the interpretation that he’d quit if McCarthy won was inaccurate.
  • “This story is incorrect. I said nothing of the kind — I will serve my term with all the force and vigor in me.”