Ex-CDC Director Predicts Gain-Of-Function Will Trigger ‘Much More Brutal’ Pandemic

Ex-CDC Director: Gain-Of-Function Will Trigger 'Much More Brutal' Pandemic

BEIJING, CHINA - FEBRUARY 04: A medical staff in personal protective equipment prepares to collect a daily mandatory COVID-19 swab sample from members of the media on February 04, 2022 in Beijing, China. As activity ramps up ahead of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, interest remains high in seeing how "The Middle Kingdom" will run one of the world's premier sporting events in the midst of a global pandemic. To try and maintain China's zero-covid approach, the games will take place in a closed bubble with strict daily testing requirements. Transport routes are sealed off and self-contained. Activities inside the bubble are completely off-limits to anyone not directly involved in the games, and about 150,000 spectators that authorities will invite. (Photo by Annice Lyn/Getty Images)
  • Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield has warned that dangerous gain-of-function research will trigger the next pandemic and it will be “much more brutal” than anything that came before it. Redfield issued the warning during Monday’s broadcast of Hill.TV’s “Rising.”
  • Some experts have predicted that the next pandemic will emerge from animal spillover, such as bird flu jumping to humans.
  • However, Redfield disagrees and says he believes that the next pandemic will come “from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism.” And that the next pandemic “will be much more brutal to the world than Covid was.”