Groveling BBC Reportedly Issues 2nd Apology To J.K. Rowling

  • The BBC issued a second apology to author JK Rowling after she was accused on live television of being transphobic, according to Deadline.
  • During BBC Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” show Feb. 10, a transgender woman said she boycotted the new Harry Potter video game “Hogwarts Legacy” because the game’s revenue was allegedly used to “fund the anti-trans movement,” according to Deadline.
  • The game will feature a transgender character, Sirona Ryan, who owns the Three Broomsticks pub. Ryan tells players in the game that Hogwarts classmates had to realize the character was “actually a witch, not a wizard.”
  • Broadcaster and writer Carrie Marshall said on the podcast that “this is having a measurable effect on trans people’s lives and potentially our safety too. I think that’s why so many trans people are concerned about this game,” according to Deadline.
  • The BBC previously issued an apology to Rowling after transgender gamer and guest Stacey Henley accused Rowling of transphobia, Deadline reported.