Guest Star Confronts ‘Boy Meets World’ Cast With Awkward Moment That Bothered Him For 30 Years

  • “I get to finally ask Rider about this thing. I don’t know if you remember this, Rider,” Scott began — prompting Fishel to exclaim that she was on the “edge of her seat” waiting to learn what had happened.
  • “Literally, this has been tugging at me for 29 years,” Scott continued, and he set the scene for them: it was the end of the second season, and cast members were celebrating together on the set — but things apparently took an awkward turn when he approached Strong.
  • “I go, ‘Hey, congratulations buddy,’ and I give you a high five and I go in and hug you and as I do that, you push me off and give me this look like, ‘Who the f*** are you?’ and then you run away,” Scott said of Strong.
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