Hamas Terrorist Confesses To Oct. 7 Atrocity, ‘The Devil Took Over Me’

A terrorist with Palestinian Islamic Jihad has described exactly how he raped a “terrified” Israeli woman on October 7, claiming that “the devil took over me.”

The detained terrorist, who identifies himself as 28-year-old Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem, said he broke into a house in an unnamed kibbutz in Israel and found a lone, terrified woman, according to a video shared with MailOnline.

:At first when I entered there was no one, then I entered a room and someone was there and was scared of me,” he said in an interrogation room while sitting in front of an Israeli flag.

“She told me to help her, I took her and threw her on the couch.”

He then described in sickening detail how he sexually assaulted the woman.

“The devil took over me, I laid her down started undressing her and did what I did.”

But the interrogator, from Unit 504 of the IDF’s intelligence arm, pressed him, and the terrorist says he “slept with her.”

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