Heritage Readies Government-In-Waiting For Trump, DeSantis, ?

'We can't wait to Day One ... it's too late to learn on the job that you have. The time is wasting. The second the president says, 'So help me God,' you have to move out.' Paul Dans, Heritage Institution Project2025 chief

  • Some consider it aspirational. Others call it common sense.
  • One thing is for sure. Had the enormous project to create a government-in-waiting that is now underway at the Heritage Foundation (and supported by America’s top 50 conservative groups) been around when President Donald Trump said, “So help me God,” on his Inauguration Day, the outsider’s first 180 days might have gone a lot smoother.
  • Project 2025, created by Heritage President Kevin Roberts a year ago, is now kicking into high gear to help whoever is the GOP presidential nominee get a huge head start on running the government if the candidate wins next year.
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