House Returns With Johnson’s Speakership Under Threat

The House is back in session Tuesday after a two-week-long Easter recess, and Speaker Mike Johnson is returning with his speakership under threat after fellow Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to oust him just months after he ascended to the position.

The Georgia Republican filed a motion to vacate Johnson just before the chamber broke for recess.

She made the move after a vote to fund the government to prevent a shutdown — which Johnson needed Democratic votes to pass.

Greene called her motion to vacate a “warning,” adding that “it’s time for our conference to choose a new speaker.”

In the last few weeks, Greene’s criticism of Johnson has only grown — accusing him of working closely with Democrats and shifting away from Republican ideals when it comes to providing aid to Ukraine.

On Monday, she called him a “Democratic Speaker” because of his propensity to lean on Democrats to pass legislation.

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