How Did Fani Willis Get Her ‘Cash Stash’ For Lux Vacations And Jugs Of Grey Goose?

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified on Thursday that she keeps cash reserves in her residence, and that she used those reserves to repay her former lover, special prosecutor Nathan Wade, for the luxurious vacations he paid for using his business credit card.

An estimate of Willis’ cash savings since 2018, when she admitted to being “broke” as the result of a fierce primary campaign, suggests that Willis could have paid Wade in cash while increasing her reserves through cash back during shopping trips, as she implied.

However, such an arrangement would likely require the district attorney’s vacations with her former lover to be the primary drain on her cash hoard.

When asked about how she physically retrieved money to add to her cash reserves, suggested the majority of her withdrawals took place at Publix, the employee-owned supermarket company headquartered in Florida, in the form of cash-back requests during regular store runs. Publix appears to have limits on its cash-back of either $50 or $100.

If Willis began December 2018 with meager cash reserves of just $500, then shopped at a Publix store once per week, and on average withdrew $75 in cash from her bank account during each visit, her cash hoard could have increased to more than $12,000 by time she claims her relationship with Wade began in early 2022.