‘How’s Your Wife’s Boyfriend Doing?’: Owner Of Gym Rips Dem NJ Gov After Year Of Probation Ends

  • In August 2020, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Smith and Trumbetti, and a heated confrontation ensued, with Trumbetti ripping Cuomo, saying, “You’re knocking Trump because of the total numbers,” and pointing out that “53.3 percent of the deaths from 0.6 percent of the population,” “a f***ing stat that nobody’s talking about.”
  • Cuomo began the interview by noting that the pair had been arrested and “charged with defying the state’s COVID restrictions last week.” He played a videotape of the men kicking in the plywood barricade at the front door of their gym in order to reopen it.
  • Cuomo noted, “This is a court battle; they could go to jail. Now you have the state AG’s office there in Jersey recommending a fine of up to $10,000 a day.”