‘It’s Personal’: Attack Ads May Push Daniels Into Indiana Senate Race

  • Republicans close to Mitch Daniels (R) say opposition from the Club for Growth is poised to push the former Indiana governor into the 2024 Senate race.
  • The Club for Growth, a free-market advocacy group, is running television advertisements in Indiana declaring “moderate Mitch” is “wrong” for the Hoosier State’s open Senate seat despite a history of governing as a fiscal conservative. The goal, apparently, is to discourage Daniels from running in 2024.
  • “If anything, this ad will make his running more likely (that Daniels runs). It’s personal. It’s a gross distortion. And it insults Indiana, whose reputation soared higher under Gov. Daniels than ever before,” said Mark Lubbers, a GOP operative in Indiana and Daniels confidant.
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