JFK Assassination Doctors Break Silence, Dispute Key Government Claim

  • Was President John F. Kennedy killed by a lone gunman?
  • Was there another shooter on the “rassy knoll”?
  • Questions still go unanswered, but some doctors present that day in the emergency room are now talking.

New evidence presented in a recent documentary challenges the official narrative surrounding the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Interviews conducted with several doctors present in the emergency room reveal their serious doubts about the lone gunman theory put forth by the federal Warren Commission.

Contrary to the Commission’s findings, these doctors propose an alternative version of events. They suggest that multiple shots were fired, contradicting the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

According to the doctors, one bullet struck Kennedy from behind, entering his upper back and exiting near his larynx, while another bullet entered the right side of his head and exited through his forehead.

Furthermore, these medical professionals dispute the Commission’s claim that Kennedy was already deceased upon arrival at Parkland Hospital. According to the doctors’ first-hand accounts, the former president was still breathing when he was admitted to the hospital and pronounced dead approximately 30 minutes later.

These revelations call into question the long-held official account of President Kennedy’s assassination and warrant further investigation into the events of that fateful day in Dallas.

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