Jill Biden: Puppetmaster

Will Decide On Reelection, Moves In More As Joe Goes Off-Script

  • Whenever his aides are pressed about President Joe Biden’s political future, they’ll often point to one person as the true decider: his wife of 45 years, Jill Biden.
  • She’s raised concerns with the West Wing when she thinks her husband is being overscheduled, or if she disagrees with how he is being deployed, according to aides — and he does the same, telling the first lady’s staff he worries that she’s overworked.
  • She is also adept at subtly steering her loquacious husband back on track or on schedule. She’ll gently grab his elbow when he’s lingering too long with reporters or guests and making them late. If he’s gone off on a tangent in a meeting, she’ll place her hand on his knee to bring him back to the point of the discussion, White House aides noted.