Jill Biden To Campaign On Allowing Abortion Right Up To The Birth Of Babies

President Joe Biden points to Mexico's first lady Beatriz Gutierrez Muller as he speaks during a Cinco de Mayo event in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, May 5, 2022, in Washington. First lady Jill Biden stands at right. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Jill Biden, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, has openly promoted the issue of abortion.

The Democrats have been struggling to find a strong platform to run on this election cycle, as the nation is grappling with a series of issues ranging from high crime rates and prices to inflation and dismal economic prospects. The only issue that seems to resonate with their base is the call for more abortions.

Mrs. Biden did not mince her words when she stated that her husband and other pro-abortion Democrats would fight to secure abortions up to birth, using the term “codify Roe.” That essentially means that they would seek to remove any legal barriers that would prevent women from seeking abortions at any stage of pregnancy. The Roe v. Wade decision currently allows for abortions up to birth if states do not pass laws to protect late-term babies.

Speaking about her husband’s stance on abortion, she stated: “What Joe wants to do is to codify Roe and that’s what we have to do. We have to keep fighting.” This statement came as a Twitter video was posted by the Biden campaign account, which claimed that women had lost the right to choose as a result of President Trump’s policies.

The topic of abortion has been a divisive issue for decades, and both parties are keen to win over voters on the issue. The Democrats have consistently championed the cause of reproductive rights, which includes access to abortion. On the other hand, Republicans have sought to restrict and reduce access to abortion, citing moral and ethical issues surrounding the practice.

Joe Biden’s campaign has been seeking to appeal to a younger demographic, which is more likely to support abortion rights. Recent polls show that a vast majority of millennials and Gen Z voters support access to abortion, and Joe Biden has been trying to tap into this demographic to gain momentum during the election campaign.

The topic of abortion is set to play a significant role in the upcoming elections, as both parties seek to win over crucial swing states. The Democratic position on abortion is likely to resonate with voters who believe in reproductive rights, but their opponents are equally determined to restrict access to abortion. With only a few weeks left before the elections, it is uncertain which side will emerge victorious, but it is clear that the issue of abortion will play a central role in the outcome.