Justin Bieber Broke Down Crying On Instagram

Justin Bieber is sharing his tears for the world to see − and, by doing so, he’s sending an important message to men.

That message is that it’s OK to cry − something experts in psychology have said is crucial for men to understand, especially as it pertains to forming lasting relationships and boosting their overall wellbeing.

“People tend to have certain expectations for what behaviors are typical and expected of men and women in U.S. society,” Sapna Cheryan, professor of social psychology at the University of Washington, previously told USA TODAY. “Women — and not men — are expected to be the nurturers and caregivers. When someone violates these expectations, it can be surprising and draw attention.”

On Sunday, Bieber posted a series of photos on Instagram, including pictures of him performing onstage. Two of the pictures, however, were selfies that showed tears streaming down his face. The singer did not share what made him cry or the context of the photos.

His crying drew plenty of strong reactions in the comment section, where fans flocked to express their concern. The singer’s wife Hailey Bieber also offered support, calling her husband “a pretty crier.”

The crying photos of Bieber surprised some fans; however, people shouldn’t be too shocked. After all, opinions of masculinity are changing − and that includes society’s acceptance of men who share their feelings.

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