Labor Group Demands California’s $20 Minimum Wage Extend To All Sectors

Afair wage advocacy group is demanding that California’s new $20 minimum wage law for fast food workers be extended to all sectors to help working-class people who are struggling with the state’s high cost of living.

FOX Business spoke with Saru Jayaraman, president of One Fair Wage to discuss what she described as the skyrocketing levels of home insecurity and food insecurity post-pandemic.

Fast food workers winning a $20 minimum wage, she said, “was just the beginning.”

Jayaraman pointed to the exorbitantly high cost of living in the Golden State where, in some counties, an individual would need a $40 an hour salary to live comfortably.

“People are leaving the state or are not having children, not having families. These are all the very basics we should be thinking about for humans living in California and needing to survive,” Jayaraman told FOX Business.

“I mean the level of crisis that people have been enduring since the pandemic is severe.”

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