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Lake Tries Best Political Theatre, But Hobbs Still Won’t Debate

  • Last week, Lake took a front row seat at a town hall-style event before Hobbs was to speak, despite reportedly being told she have to wait backstage for her turn to speak while Hobbs took the stage.
  • Hobb said Sunday morning on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that she has “no desire of the spectacle that [Lake] looking to create,” echoing previous comments on the matter.
  • She also reportedly said her campaign schedule as “pretty much set” and that’s she’s “happy with where we are.”
  • The Trump-backed Lake also about on the show, saying she plans to show up to a debate next week even without her opponent.
  • “I would love it if she would show up, because I think there’s a lot of important issues the people of Arizona need to hear about,” Lake said.
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