Man Forced To Move From Home After 17 Cars Smashed Into Property

  • A Milwaukee man says he was forced from his home because too many reckless drivers kept crashing into it. Junious Merriweather’s house at 76th and Stark is currently considered uninhabitable until the repair work is finished after a car slammed into it in 2021.
  • Junious Merriweather runs out of his house to a car that crashed into the tree in front of his home in 2019.
    TMJ4 News first met Junious Merriweather in 2019 following a deadly crash outside his home. The car slammed into Merriweather’s yard and the windshield of the car blew out and slammed into the front door. It was all captured on Merriweather’s surveillance camera.
  • The next year, in 2020, Merriweather captured video of a car that crashed outside his home. In 2021, he also showed us cell phone video showing a car that hit his house and his porch.
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