Media Falls For Beau-Rosary Defense

Rosary beads hang from President Joe Biden's wrist as he speaks about the CHIPS and Science Act, a measure intended to boost the semiconductor industry and scientific research, at communications company ViaSat, Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, in Carlsbad, Calif. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

In a Thursday press conference, President Joe Biden lashed out at the special council for reporting that the president couldn’t remember when his son Beau died, something he obsesses about.

He pulled out a rosary and became emotional when slapping down that part of the new Hur report.

And many in the media lapped it up.

One was CNN’s Senior Political Analyst, Gloria Borger.

Borger said it was similar to a moment she had with Biden.

“During our conversation, the President reached into his pocket, and he presented Beau’s rosary to me.”

She added, “It’s quite clear that President Biden carries the memory of his son’s passing with him every single day.”

In Thursday’s presser, an impassioned Biden confronted queries on the matter, his response tinged with frustration. Borger observed, “We witnessed more than just the President’s policy mindset last night; we saw a glimpse of Joe Biden’s raw human side – a father’s heart laid bare for all to see.”

As the President fielded questions regarding document handling protocols, the anger in his voice conveyed more than political rhetoric—it highlighted the personal toll of the public spotlight upon the Biden family’s grief. Borger remarked on the President’s candor, “What erupted in public view likely mirrors what his aides have seen in private. His decision to fend off the allegations so personally was undoubtedly a deep-seated one.”

The undercurrents of this exchange have been further complicated by revelations from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which suggests discrepancies in Biden’s recollection of the timeline surrounding his son’s passing.