Men Are Manipulating Women With Sick New ‘Penny Dating’ Trend: ‘Psychological Torture’

  • Women can’t make cents of this “sociopathic” behavior.
  • Men are courting women with “the penny dating method” — a toxic tactic that involves treating investment in a relationship like deposits in a piggy bank.
  • According to Indy100, the method involves a man putting in a 100 percent investment at the beginning of a romance, before deliberately dropping the level of effort until their female partner feels lucky to get the bare minimum.
  • TikToker Erika Tham explained the tactic in a viral video that has gained 7.6 million views and plenty of outrage since it was shared earlier this month.
  • Tham said she was talking to a male friend about “love bombing” — the action of inundating a new partner with constant and extravagant displays of affection early in a relationship.
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