Men Who Claim To Be ‘Transgender’ Have Won Nearly 300 Titles In Female Sports

transgender drag queen

Gender-confused men have won nearly 300 titles in female sports, according to the website

But a leading Democratic congressman denies not just biological reality, but this reality as well.

“Men do not compete in women’s sports,” far-left New York Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler claimed during a congressional hearing several weeks ago. “Transgender women [sic] may compete in women’s sports,” he said. However, it is a biological fact and moral truth that no one can change his or her gender.

He said he objected to entering “mistruths” into the congressional record.

Republican congresswoman Harriet Hageman of Wyoming wanted to enter into the record stats on females injured by male athletes as well as stolen titles. has cataloged the stolen titles, proving that men, in fact, do compete in women’s sports.

uzanne Bowdey commented on Nadler’s denials in an article for The Washington Stand. “That’s news to the 25 (going on 26) states who’ve stepped in to stop this madness from overtaking their girls at the pool, track, court, field, and gym,” she wrote. “If it wasn’t happening, then this was sure a monumental waste of legislative time.”

There are at least 12 examples in 2024 alone of female athletes losing out to men who claim they are women.

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