Microsoft Brags About Paying Minorities More than Whites

In its recent diversity report, Microsoft is under scrutiny for revealing that it pays white employees less than their racial minority counterparts in comparable roles. The report highlights that Asian employees earn more than both Black and white counterparts with similar job titles, levels, and tenure.

Outlined in Microsoft’s 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report is its “pay equity agenda,” acknowledging that eligible racial minority employees receive $1.007 in total pay for every $1 earned by white employees.

Specifically, black employees receive $1.004, while Asian employees receive a higher $1.012 for every $1 earned by their white counterparts in matching roles.

This data encompasses total pay, comprising base salary, annual bonuses, and stock awards. Additionally, Microsoft emphasizes its commitment to promoting left-leaning ideologies among employees, with 96.4 percent expressing awareness of “allyship.” This approach, deemed discriminatory by critics, reflects a broader corporate trend prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) over equality.

In a similar vein, Disney recently faced a federal civil rights complaint alleging discriminatory practices in its bonus allocation based on diversity metrics. The complaint, filed by America First Legal, accuses Disney of intentionally disadvantaging white American men, Christians, and Jews solely based on their race, sex, and religion.

Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal and former Trump administration official, condemned Disney’s practices, stating, “It is sad and tragic that a company whose name was once synonymous with wholesome and charming childhood fantasies is now dedicated to spreading divisive bigotry. We urge Disney to cease and desist its unlawful and destructive conduct at once.”