Mind-Blowing Flying Car Makes World’s First Flight With Passenger

A MIND-BLOWING flying car has made history after conducting the world’s first flight with a passenger.

Music legend Jean-Michel Jarre, 75, took off in KleinVision’s half-plane hybrid, known as the AirCar, in Slovakia this week to mark the company’s latest milestone.

The French electronic artist completed two flights in the futuristic vehicle at Piestany international airport in front of mesmerised onlookers.

Made in Slovakia by Professor Stefan Klein and KleinVision’s co-founder Anton Zajac, the AirCar was approved for flight in 2022 following more than 200 successful takeoffs and landings.

The year before, the record-breaking vehicle had become the first flying car to complete an intercity flight.

Now, a successful flight involving a passenger has been added to the growing list of milestones.

As a long-time supporter of future tech, Jarre jumped at the chance to become part of history.

“One second you speak to the driver, and next, you are up there in the air. An amazing experience,” he said.

The AirCar is able to transform from a sports car into a plane within minutes.

The 1,000kg two-seat dual-mode prototype has foldable wings and a propeller on the back, and only needs 300m of runway to get off the ground and into the sky.

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