MORE SANTOS LIES: Brags About Beating Yale And Harvard In Volleyball In New Unearthed Interview

The Santos lies just keep coming!

  • Embattled Rep. George Santos lied about beating Harvard and Yale in volleyball while a student at Baruch College in an interview recently unearthed by MSNBC.
  • “Great school, great institution. Very liberal but very good professors who don’t show their bias, which is very interesting, but that’s a whole other conversation. But it’s funny that we went to play against Harvard, Yale, and we slayed them. We were champions across the entire Northeast Corridor. Every school that came up against us, they were shaking at the time. And it’s funny. I was the smallest guy and I’m a 6’2.,” he told WABC radio’s Sid & Friends in the Morning.
  • Santos also claimed that he had two knee replacements over the course of his nonexistent volleyball career at the college he didn’t attend.