Multiple Yale Anti-Israel Protesters Arrested

Police began removing anti-Israel protesters from an encampment on Yale’s campus early Monday after a week of protests calling for the university to divest from military weapon manufacturers.

At least 16 protesters were arrested as police looked through tents set up in the encampment at Beinecke Plaza, where more than 250 agitators gathered Sunday night, the Yale Daily News reported.

Protest organizers told the paper that at least some of those arrested are students.

A member of the Yale Police Department told the Yale Daily News that the arrested protesters would be written up and released.

During the protests over the weekend, Sahar Tartak, a Jewish student journalist who is editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, says she was surrounded by a mob of protesters and jabbed in the eye by a protester wielding a Palestinian flag.

“One of the students, whose face was covered in a keffiyeh, took a Palestinian flag that he was holding, waved it in my face and hit my left eye,” Tartak told Fox News Digital on Sunday.

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