Navajo Tribe Rebukes Biden For Barring Oil Drilling

The Navajo Nation's resource and development committee voted 15-1 to oppose the Biden Administration's plan for a fossil-fuel drilling ban near tribal land n northwest New Mexico, saying that the lack of oil royalties will push more tribal members into poverty

Inglewood Oil Field, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. (Photo by: Citizen of the Planet/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
  • The Navajo Nation rebuked the Biden Administration for its plan to bar oil and gas drilling around the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwest New Mexico.
  • The tribe’s resource and development committee voted 15-1 to oppose any fossil fuel drilling “buffer zone” around the Historical Park.
  • The Biden Administration has proposed created a 10-mile buffer zone around which drilling would be prohibited.
  • “If a buffer zone is adopted, the Navajo allottees who rely on the income realized from oil and gas royalties will be pushed into greater poverty,” the tribe said in a resolution released to the public.