Nearly 200 US Troops Killed Or Injured In Middle East Since October

Since mid-October, approximately 186 troops have sustained injuries or lost their lives in attacks targeting U.S. personnel in the Middle East, with 130 of those casualties attributed to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), the Pentagon disclosed on Monday.

According to Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, TBIs resulting from blast impacts of missiles, mortars, and drones constitute 70% of the total casualties, which include three soldiers killed in the Jan. 28 attack on Tower 22 in Jordan.

Singh emphasized that the number of TBIs may continue to fluctuate as service members report symptoms later on, indicating a potential increase in the tally.

Following the Tower 22 incident, the number of troops injured in attacks by Iran-backed militias more than doubled, as per data provided by the Defense Department.

Recent injury statistics coincide with a Pentagon report on Feb. 5, which indicated approximately 80 injured personnel overall, with 40 linked to the Jordan attack, eight of whom required medical evacuation from the country.

As of Tuesday, there have been 170 attacks on U.S. troops since mid-October, confirmed Air Force Lt. Col. Bryon Garry, a Pentagon spokesman. This figure has remained stable since Feb. 4, representing one of the longest lulls in attacks since the onset of the barrage in the fall.