Netflix Turns Off Comments After Race-Swapped ‘Cleopatra’ Inspires Backlash

Looks like viewers did NOT like this take on Cleopatra!

  • Netflix is being accused of “blackwashing” the history of Egypt’s famed queen Cleopatra in its new docuseries that stars a black woman in the title role.
  • The four-part series Queen Cleopatra, from Executive Producer Jada Pinkett Smith, stars Adele James as Queen Cleopatra, and features the 37-year-old actress sporting a full afro hairstyle in the role, even though it is being sold as a documentary-style, historically-based treatment of the ruler’s tumultuous life.
  • Cleopatra has always been known to be of Macedonian Greek heritage and was a woman of olive skin-tone. Despite the long-established facts about Cleopatra’s life, the Pinkett Smith-produced series has race-swapped Cleopatra.
  • The attacks became so persistent that the streamer turned off comments on social media posts debuting the trailer for the series.