New Yorkers Paying Thousands For Private Jets To See Solar Eclipse Above The Clouds

As the moon passes between the Earth and the sun Monday, Andrew Bazos will be cruising at 17,000 feet, rosé in hand, having dropped $2,000 to watch the solar eclipse from a private plane’s window.

He will not be alone: aviation company Blade has sold out 14 flights from New York — costing from $1,975 to $3,750 per seat — which will let people see the 5-minute astronomical phenomenon from the air.

With days to go, people who want to catch the once-in-a-generation total eclipse are shelling out four and five figures for exclusive experiences.

Bazos and other New Yorkers are adventuring far and wide for the chance to catch the first total eclipse in the US since 2017 when the sun vanishes in the “zone of totality” from Mexico’s Pacific coast on a north-easterly route through Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine before passing through Canada’s maritime provinces.

“It’ll be my first eclipse. I’m splurging on myself for this one,” Bazos, 61, an orthopedic surgeon and the founder of CrowdRX, which provides medical services at arenas and large venues, told The Post of spending around $2,000 for Blade’s package.

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