NH Gov. Sununu: PC-Language Website Is ‘Nuts,’ Has Been Taken Down

Gov. Chris Sununu has issued his verdict on the so-called “Inclusive Language” guidance from his administration’s tech department, urging state agencies to drop words like “normal” and use “they” in place of “he” or “she” on their websites.

It’s “nuts,” he said according to the NH Journal.

A post from the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) on the state’s internal network urges agencies to avoid common words and phrases that Director of User Experience Kathryn Michener considers potentially offensive. Among them are “citizens, “grandfathered,” “man-made,” and the use of the colloquial “guys” to refer to a group of people.

NHJournal broke the story of the “inclusive language” website on Tuesday. DoIT Commissioner Denis Goulet defended the guidelines as suggestions meant to help state employees when they update language on agency websites. He also told NHJournal he did not know what sources Michener relied on to determine which words and phrases are taboo.

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