NJ Little League Says Parents Who Argue Calls Must Umpire – Or Face Suspension

Little League baseball (Ben Hershey for Unsplash)
  • A youth baseball league in New Jersey wants parents and spectators to think a bit harder before arguing with umpires, and has come up with a new rule it hopes will do just that.
  • Under the new rule, anyone who fights with or harasses umpires at Deptford Township Little League baseball games will face a year suspension, that is unless they work with the organization and volunteer their time to umpire three games of their own.
  • Deptford Township Little League President Don Bozzuffi spoke with The National Desk and wanted it made clear that while he believes “99%” of those who come to the games are good people who don’t cause trouble, the remaining 1% have proven to be an unacceptable issue.