Norwegian Charged $13,000 For Sail To Antartica, Then Cut Destination After Boarding

Passengers aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship are furious about a change in their itinerary which means they are no longer heading to Antarctica.

Those aboard the cruise ship were expecting to travel to Antarctica and South America. But after they boarded, they noticed the trip’s name was quietly changed on the app to “Round-trip of South America” last week.

On February 9, a TikTok account called @ruinedvacation was set up, where a woman expressed her frustration with what had happened and what she said was poor communication from the company.

“I’m on board Norwegian Star,” the passenger said. “Our ship is not going to Antarctica.”

Passengers felt “scammed” by the ordeal because everyone on the ship had paid “a lot of money” to go to Antarctica. Trip costs vary, but one passenger on Facebook said he had paid $13,000 for his ticket.