Off The Press | Today’s News Minute March 10, 2023 – Trump Proud Election Denier! 

Former President Trump is starting to promote his new book, Letters To Trump, which means he’s making news. In his first interview he said election polls are giving him confidence and he doubled down on his belief he won in 2020, bluntly calling himself an election denier.

Trump also cut a music video with a group dubbed the January 6 Prison Choir. While they sing, he recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mexico sounds like it’s had it with Americans blaming it for the drug crisis here. The Mexican president is now blaming broken homes and poor American parenting for the fentanyl epidemic.

And poor little Meghan Markle. The girl who has everything is complaining again, this time about being treated like a second-rate princess.

‘I’m An Election Denier’

Trump, ‘J6 Prison Choir,’ Release ‘Justice For All’

Mexican President Blames US Parents For Border Drug Crisis

‘Second-Rate Princess’

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