Off The Press | Today’s News Minute March 24, 2023 – Passing Parents’ Rights!

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today - March 24, 2023 from your favorite news outlets

The new Republican majority in the House is starting to deliver on promises made in last year’s election. Today, Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to have a vote on a parent’s bill of rights in schools. It will force schools to be more transparent on what they are teaching students.

President Biden’s speaking problems are getting worse. He mangled a sentence about guns and women so bad the White House this week had to issue a correction.

Concerns about Kamala Harris are growing as the president mulls running again with her beside him. Insiders say he feels that Harris hasn’t risen to the job of vice president.

It appears that there will not be any hush money indictment of former President Trump this week. The reason is simple. The grand jury is working on other cases until next week.


McCarthy Starts Delivering

Biden Mangled His Words So Bad Aides Had To Issue Correction To His Aphasia-Like Mashup

Kamala Harris So Bad At Job Biden Concerned She’s Failed ‘To Rise To The Occasion’

Grand Jury Won’t Act in Trump Hush-Money Payment Investigation This Week