Ohio Parents Sue Over Private Teacher-Student Sex Conversations

  • A group of Ohio parents sued a school district for allegedly allowing teachers to have intimate and private conversations with students about sexual behaviors and attitudes, according to a lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit, brought by eight parents against Hilliard School District, alleges that “activist teachers” are having private conversations with students as young as 6 years old about sexuality and then keeping those conversations a secret, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit also asked the court to order teachers to stop wearing LGBTQ-ally badges provided by the local teachers union that featured QR codes linking to adult resources on “coming out” and sexual education.
  • “This is done, not only without parental consent and knowledge, but the teachers are taking specific actions to hide these conversations from parents,” the lawsuit stated. “Although, perhaps well-intentioned, this is a recipe for indoctrination and child abuse.”
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