Over Half Of All Chicagoans Will Witness A Shooting By Age 40

Crime scene tape blocks the parking lot outside of a Walmart following a mass shooting the night before in Chesapeake, Virginia on November 23, 2022. - A gunman killed at least six people at a Walmart store Tuesday just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in the second mass shooting in the United States in four days. Police later identified the gunman as an employee at the store. (Photo by Bastien INZAURRALDE / AFP) (Photo by BASTIEN INZAURRALDE/AFP via Getty Images)
  •  Over half of all Chicagoans will witness a shooting by age 40, a new Journal of the American Medical Association study finds.
  • Researchers found the numbers are even more stark when broken down along racial barriers, with over half of all Black and Latino study participants by that age having already witnessed such an occurrence, compared to one-fourth of all white participants.
  • “We expected levels of exposure to gun violence to be high, but not this high,” said study author Charles Lanfear, an assistant professor at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology. “Our findings are frankly startling and disturbing. A substantial portion of Chicago’s population could be living with trauma as a result of witnessing shootings and homicides, often at a very young age.”