Rand Paul Clashes With Fauci Over Child Vaccinations

  • Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Wednesday clashed with White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci about whether children who were previously infected with COVID-19 need to be vaccinated, the latest in his long-running feud with the nation’s top infectious diseases doctor.
  • During a Senate hearing about the administration’s response to monkeypox, Paul played a clip of Fauci on C-SPAN in 2004. In the clip, Fauci told someone who was infected with the flu they did not need a flu shot.
  • “If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself,” Fauci said in the video.
  • “What you’re doing is denying the very fundamental premise of immunology that previous infection does provide some sort of immunity,” Paul said. “People decry vaccine hesitancy — it’s coming from the gobbledygook you give us. You’re not paying attention to the science.”