Polo Culpa: Lauren Apologizes For ‘Plagiarism’ Of Mexican Pattern

Clothing powerhouse Ralph Lauren is apologizing for selling a garment with a Mexican design apparently without compensating two indigenous communities and is promising a full investigation into how it ended up on store shelves.

  • “Hey Ralph: We realized that you really like Mexican designs, especially those that elaborate ancestral cultures that preserve the textile tradition,” she wrote under the image. “However, when you copy these designs you fall into plagiarism, and as you know, plagiarism is illegal and immoral. At least acknowledge it.”
  • She also wrote: “Hopefully you repair the damage to the Indigenous communities who do that work out of love and not for millionaire profit.”
  • Lauren apology in part reads: “We are deeply sorry this happened and, as always, we are open to dialogue about how we can do better,” the announcement said.