Quinnipiac Law Scholarship Excludes Heterosexual Males, Faces Title IX Complaint

Quinnipiac University School of Law is facing a federal civil rights complaint for a scholarship only open to women and LGBTQ+ students.

The complaint, filed last week with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, comes from legal scholar Adam Kissel who shared a copy with The College Fix.

Kissel, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former deputy assistant secretary for higher education in the Trump Administration, told The Fix the Goff Law Group Endowed Law Scholarship is “a blatant violation of civil rights.” Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discrimination on the basis of sex.

“The scholarship explicitly is to ‘benefit women students,’ excluding men in violation of Title IX. A law school should know better than to discriminate on the basis of sex,” Kissel said in a recent email. “Maybe this helps us understand why QU Law is poorly ranked.”

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