Real-Life ‘Hell’s Kitchen’: Squatters Take Over Celebrity Chef’s London Pub

Gordon Ramsay once said he doesn’t “run restaurants that are out of control” — but that’s apparently not the case at one of his London eateries.

A swarm of squatters have shacked up inside the celebrity chef’s $16.1 million pub — using Ramsay’s own kitchen appliances to barricade themselves inside, according to a report.

Shocking photographs taken by The Sun show the “professional squatters” holed up inside York & Albany pub, which the “Hell’s Kitchen” host was about to sign over to new partners in a multi-million dollar deal.

One person was seen barefoot and sprawled across on a black leather sofa inside the restaurant, with their personal belongings and debris, including empty wine bottles, strewn across the floor.

What appears to be a filthy plush dog toy is seen tossed on the floor near the swanky front bar that months earlier had been adorned with fresh flowers and pricey cocktails.

Another disheveled-looking man — sporting two black eyes, a massive hoodie, flip flops and athletic tape wrapped around his knee — was also seen walking around the exterior of the swanky pub.

“It’s an absolute nightmare scenario for poor Gordon,” a source told the UK outlet Thursday.

Real the full story in the New York Post.