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Poll Shows GOP Rout Similar To 62-Seat ‘Revolution’ In ’94

  • In late September, ABC News/Washington Post released a national survey to little fanfare, as its findings underscore what we already know: The economy and inflation are the top priorities of likely voters this midterm election.
  • No other issue comes close. In fact, “education and schools” tops “abortion” by 15 points.
  • However, buried in the poll was an astounding finding as it relates to “competitive” congressional districts which are typically found in suburban and exurban communities.
  • By a 21-point margin, the survey found that suburban and exurban congressional districts favor Republican candidates.
  • Comparing those “competitive” districts with so-called “safe Republican” districts, the survey found that voters in the “safe Republican” districts favored Republican candidates by a 24-point margin.
  • In other words, “competitive” and “safe Republican” congressional seats are favoring Republican candidates by nearly the same margin.
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