Republican AG Jeff Landry Wins Race For Louisiana Governor

FILE - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry talks to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Jan. 7, 2022, in Washington. Activists in Louisiana are voicing concerns over a bill advancing in the GOP-controlled House to bar children and teens from accessing public library books deemed “sexually explicit,” saying the proposal could be used to target LGBTQ+ content. They also warned of efforts by Republican Attorney General Landry, who is also a gubernatorial candidate, to investigate such explicit material. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)
  • Jeff Landry will be the 57th governor of Louisiana after scoring a surprise outright victory in Saturday’s primary that gives him a mandate to move Louisiana to the right with a like-minded Legislature.
  • Landry, the Republican attorney general for the past eight years, will succeed Gov. John Bel Edwards in January, the Associated Press reported. Edwards has been the new governor’s Democratic foe.
  • Polls had forecast Landry to run first but be forced into a runoff by Shawn Wilson by capturing less than 50% of the vote. But Wilson underperformed, collecting only about half as many votes as the attorney general, and Landry picked up more votes than expected.