School Counselor Sues School District After Firing For Rejection Of Trans Pronouns

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Kathy McCord against South Madison Community School Corporation, claiming that McCord was wrongfully terminated for expressing her disagreement with the school’s “Gender Support Plan.” The lawsuit alleges that the policy mandates educators to use pronouns that do not align with a student’s biological sex.

According to the lawsuit, McCord informed the school administration about her disapproval of the plan, which also requires educators to withhold information regarding a student’s gender transition from parents unless specifically instructed otherwise. However, McCord was allegedly informed that she must adhere to the policy if she wished to retain her job.

ADF, a legal organization advocating for religious freedom and other civil liberties, filed the lawsuit on Thursday, seeking to challenge the school district’s decision to terminate McCord’s employment. The lawsuit asserts that the termination was a violation of McCord’s rights to free speech and religious expression.