SEE: New ATF AR-Pistol Rule

  • This executive summary provides an overview of the relevant statutory definitions, a brief overview regarding the regulatory background prompting the issuance of a rule, a description of the earlier published notice of proposed rulemaking (“NPRM”), a description of this final rule after consideration of the comments received on the NPRM, and an overview of options for persons affected by this rule.
  • Nothing in this rule bans “stabilizing braces” or the use of “stabilizing braces” on pistols; however, firearms [1] with an attached “brace” device may be subject to statutory and regulatory requirements depending on the firearm’s objective design features and other factors, as discussed in this rule.
  • Furthermore, this rule does not impose any new legal obligations on owners of “stabilizing braces” at all, as any obligations for these owners result only from the NFA and the GCA. Instead, this rule merely conveys more clearly to the public the objective design features and other factors that indicate a weapon is in fact a firearm or short-barreled rifle under the relevant statutes.

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