Skin Care Brands Tell Tweens Not To Buy Their Products

While the social media craze surrounding skin care for tweens and teens has continued to rise, several popular brands are telling young skin enthusiasts to proceed with caution.

To put things into perspective, the hashtag #tweenskincare has skyrocketed over 49.5 million views on TikTok with no signs of slowing down.

Children as young as 10 and 13 are showing off their elaborate product hauls and skin care regimes on social media — with some going as far as to have nine-step routines.

Now, big name brands such as Drunk Elephant, Bubble, and more are warning children not to buy certain brands.

Hugely in-demand label Drunk Elephant posted on social media last year that many of their products may not be safe for all kids and tweens skin — reminding Gen Alpha, that unless approved by a doctor, to stay away from their products containing acids and retinol — adding, “their skin does not need these ingredients quite yet.”

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