Solar Eclipse Cloud Forecast Means Anxiety For Tourists Hoping For Clear Skies

Laurae Pearson said she’s a “little worried” a cross-country roadtrip to see the eclipse might end with a cloudy view.

“Eclipse evangelist” Clint Werner hopes his trip from San Francisco to Cleveland will give him a good view of his 21st eclipse. And astrophysicist Antonella Fruscione is constantly refreshing the weather forecast.

Millions of Americans are awaiting a rare solar eclipse on April 8 — nearly the whole country will have a chance to look up and see at least a small portion of the moon clip the sun.

But people who made plans to visit the narrow path of totality for the best show are confronting some fickle cloud forecasts that may put a damper on their plans.

Fruscione and 18 friends – some coming from as far away as Europe – have been planning this trip since they all caught the solar eclipse together in Idaho in 2017.

The group has flights and lodging booked to Texas to catch this eclipse in a prime spot.

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