‘Something Strange’ Happening: Mysterious Deaths Of 6 Cattle Spark UFO Fears

A cow looks on at a farm in the town of el-Batten, about 35 kilometres west of Tunisia's capital, on January 20, 2023. (Photo by FETHI BELAID / AFP) (Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP via Getty Images)
  • A UFO investigator is speaking out about strange things happening in Texas after several cattle were found dead with their tongues removed in three separate counties.
  • Tim Doyle, a lead investigator on the TV series “UFO Seekers,” said he wasn’t too surprised to hear six cattle were found mutilated because “cattle mutilations have been going on in-depth since the 70s.”
  • He shared a story about Gabe Valdez, a New Mexico State police officer, who reportedly saw a UFO-like object while investigating a case of mutilated cattle.