Stacey Abrams Catches Up To Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

  • A SurveyUSA/11 Alive News poll shows that Governor Brian Kemp (R) leads Democrat Stacey Abrams by a hair, with 45 percent of the vote. Abrams, according to the poll, has 44 percent of the vote.
  • “Kemp leads by 10 points among men; Abrams leads by 7 among women – a 17-point gender gap. Abrams leads by 8 among voters under age 50; Kemp leads by 11 among voters age 50+,” according to the poll. “White voters back the incumbent Kemp by a 46-point margin, 62% to 21%; Black voters support Abrams by 76 points, 85% to 9%. Abrams holds 92% of Democrats; Kemp holds 87% of Republicans; independents break for Kemp by 20 points, 48% to 28%.”