Student Raises Concern Over School Cafeteria Practice With Photo Of Meal

Amajor problem with plastic products is that they produce microplastics, tiny plastic fragments that can collect in the human body and are tied to health problems.

The microplastics in water are most frequently talked about, but there are other sources too. One student was frustrated to realize that their school’s flimsy plastic cutlery wasn’t just inconvenient — it had possible health implications for them and their classmates.

The student posted about their experience on r/mildlyinfuriating, a complaint subreddit. “These knives can’t cut through anything,” they said.

In the photo they included, there was a small bread roll that had been cut in half.

On top of it was a plastic knife. The plastic was extremely thin, and the edge was visibly damaged from cutting the bread, with many of the teeth bent or broken off.

“Brought it up with my school, but we are still eating plastic right now,” the student said. In a comment, they added, “This has been an ongoing problem and I don’t think they believe me.”

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